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jumeirah beach

Wonders Of Jumeirah Beach Will Leave You Speechless!

There could be hardly anyone who wouldn’t enjoy a beach trip and specially when it is a trip to Jumeirah beach Dubai. Who wouldn’t enjoy lying on soft white sand and looking at crystal clear blue water? I would love the feeling of water touching my feet and splashing against it. Who wouldn’t? Jumeirah beach with its magnificent view is just the right place for all the beach lovers.

Not only the beach

jumeirah beach park

It is not only about the beach but so many other exciting spots. The Jumeirah beach park and the Jumeirah beach resort are worth mentioning. The park serves as an amazing picnic spot for families who wish to spend some quality time together. The Jumeirah beach park has so many facilities that astonish the visitors.  If you get tired doing one thing, try another. The options are never ending.

Beaching and barbecuing

jumeirah beach

Yes, you heard it right! You can enjoy the beach and barbecue with your family, as the park has a barbecue area also. There are children’s playgrounds, sports facilities including basketball and volleyball fields, excursion areas and restaurants, and cafeterias for the foodie visitors. So, it is a complete package.

The resort

jumeirah beach

The Jumeirah beach resort is definitely like a dream come true. The luxurious relaxing environment, the royal lodgings and other facilities make one feel delighted and fill his/her heart with pleasure. This beach is more like a paradise, set in the middle of gardens of palm trees providing splendid views of the sea. There are a wide range of activities including water sports, kids club, climbing wall, private beach access etc.

Sunbathing at Jumeirah Open Beach

You might not like the idea of sunbathing too much but trust me, sunbathing at the Jumeirah Open Beach has its own charm. you can lie leisurely soaking up the sun, watching the soothing waves and contemplating on life. The beach is suitable for swimming and offers lifeguard, shower and bathroom facilities.

Beach library and kite surfing

jumeirah beach

Sounds exciting? No one will remain fun deprived visiting the Jumeirah Beach. There is a library for the bookaholics, they can borrow books for free and enjoy reading them while witnessing beautiful views. Also, for are the adventurous souls, there is a dedicated stretch for kitesurfing. This is a water sport where a rider is on a surfboard, powered by a power kite.

 The timing and the Jumeirah beach park location

Having listened so much exciting stuff about the beach and the park, you must be curious about the Jumeirah beach park timing. Let’s make things easier for you. The Jumeirah beach park remains open from 8 a.m. till 11 p.m. from Saturday to Wednesday. For Thursdays and Sundays, the timings are 8 a.m. till 11.30 p.m. and yes, Saturdays are only for women and children. So, moms gear up for a fun time with your children alone.

As far as the Jumeirah beach park location is concerned, it is located on Jumeirah road Dubai opposite Chilli’s restaurant.

The softer side

The Jumeirah beach park is designed keeping in mind the needs of special people. There is access ramp for wheelchairs so that such people can be easily helped around. Few rooms in the hotels of Jumeirah beach have been specifically made accessible to people who use wheelchairs or have difficulty in climbing the stairs. Isn’t this very thoughtful of them?

So, if you are on holidays and want to enjoy your day to the fullest but your grandma can not walk too much, don’t worry. Jumeirah beach is just the right place to go with her. Enjoy a quality time with her and make her happy. Good luck!

 Address: Jumeirah Road – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 4 349 2555

Jumaira Beach Location:

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