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Dubai miracle garden

The Beauty of Dubai Miracle Garden

Are you looking for a beautiful, romantic, colorful and naturally aesthetic place to visit in UAE?

Are you fond of flowers? It sure is really awesome to learn about various pretty and colorful flowers by seeing them for real in a vast lush garden. Isn’t it? If you want your  kids to appreciate nature,  show them how beautiful it can be. You might have heard about a place called Dubai Flower Garden through word of mouth and you must be intrigued.

If you can relate to any of the aforementioned feelings and questions,  we’ve got the perfect thing for you! We present to you all the details you might need to visit just the place you want. The perfect spot to see.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai miracle garden

As the name suggests, it is miraculously wonderful. A place for couples, families as well as single wanderers who are fond of nature. Not only will it rejuvenate you but you as well as your children will have a great time exploring things close to nature.

It is sometimes known as Miracle Garden, sometimes as Dubai Flower Garden, some people may even call it Dubai Garden.  Here’s why this place has these titles.

Why is it called Dubai Flower Garden? 

Dubai miracle garden


Dubai Miracle Garden a.k.a. Dubai Flower Garden is referred by this name because it is the world’s largest natural flower garden,  occupying 72, 000 square meters which basically equals 780, 000 square feet. This vast land is full of flowers. Delicate, intricate, colorful, aromatic,  you name it!

What’s really amazing is that it contains an amazing collection of 45 million flowers creating a beautiful environment of color, fragrance and bloom all around you, exciting your senses, lifting your mood and giving you vigor yet keeping you calm.

Fun fact: It was opened on Valentine’s day in 2013. Isn’t that romantic? Dubai Miracle Garden was awarded the Moselle.

Why Miracle Garden?

You must be wondering what’s so miraculous about it other than it’s collection of flowers and area.

Here are the achievements that make it so wonderful and amazing, hence the name, Miracle Garden.

Dubai Miracle Garden was given the Moselle Award for New Garden Experiences of the year by the Garden Tourist Awards 2015, in April 2015.

It holds the Guinness World Record for the tallest topiary structure of 18.06 meter in height. Its a Mickey Mouse shaped structure of about 59 ft 3 inch tall in Dubai Miracle Garden.

Fun fact: A scene from Bollywood movie named “Hamari Adhuri Kahani” was shot in Dubai Miracle Garden,  or should I say? Dubai Flower Garden. Isn’t that cool?

Often Called Dubai Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden, being in the district Dubailand in Dubai, UAE, is often called Dubai Garden due to it’s location as well as the status of being the largest of natural flower gardens. There is no doubt it is among the specialities of Dubai. Therefore, this term is often used to describe the wondrous place in UAE.

Dubai Butterfly Garden

Dubai miracle garden

What’s more? Dubai Miracle Garden has it’s own Butterfly Garden! Isn’t that exciting? Being the world’s largest and region’s first indoor Butterfly Garden, it is home to 15,000 butterflies belonging to 26 different species. So many butterflies! And of course! Butterflies always go with flowers to make the scene complete. What a magnificent place to witness nature’s beauty and grandeur!

I’m having butterflies already just by thinking about the winged little pieces of art designed by nature fluttering around.

Out of curiosity and desire to see this place, you must be wondering where exactly is Dubai Miracle Garden in UAE.

Questions like, what are Miracle Garden timings? Queries about Miracle Garden ticket, what the Miracle Garden entry fee for each individual might be,  and who can get free entry must be bubbling up in your head. Worry not, we’ve got you covered!

What are the Miracle Garden Timings?

Dubai Miracle Garden works from October to April and remains closed from May till September. This schedule is designed according to the seasons. Temperatures from May till September in Dubai are too high to be favorable for the delicate living things.

During October to April, Dubai Miracle Garden stays open from 9 AM – 9 PM on weekdays. During weekends, which is Friday and Saturday, Dubai Miracle Garden opens at 9 AM and closes at 11 PM.

What’s Miracle Garden Entry Fee?

Dubai Miracle Garden’s tickets cost 40 AED each for adults.

Dubai Miracle Garden’s tickets cost 30 AED each for children.

Dubai Miracle Garden’s entry is free for babies of age 2 and below.

With all that information, I am pretty sure you will have a smooth trip there. Don’t miss out on anything while you’re there. Make most of each visit. I hope the bloom of all those lively,  colorful, fragrant flowers rubs off on you and stays with you for a lifetime.

Stay tuned for more places and suggestions! Let us know your views, suggestions and more places to write on in comments.

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Miracle Garden Address:

Al Barsha South 3, Dubailand Area, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Opened: February 14, 2013

Collections: 45 million flowers

Contact Number: 04 422 8902


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