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Costa coffee dubai

Costa Coffee Delivery by Drone in Dubai

With Costa Coffee Dubai has come to another milestone of technology. In 2017, Costa Coffee took delivery to a whole new level. They used drones to deliver beverages! It was so easy for customers with drone delivery option. The option of Costa Coffee drone drop was the most unique concept. Using technology to make things easier has always been happening. But it is rarely as fun and creative as drone delivery.

Drone Drop Experiment by Costa Coffee – Dubai

Costa coffee dubai

With Costa Coffee Dubai displayed a successful experiment of drone delivery. On Kite Beach, it delivered beverages via drones. All the customers had to do was to place an order via call. Describe their location and then just chill. Within fifteen minutes, their ordered latte was there. A drone would be hovering above, holding their beverage. This experiment was successful and proved to be a great marketing technique. This idea has been implemented before as well. Estonian Beach too introduced a drone delivery service. It was a great experience for Kite Beach visitors to order from Costa Coffee. They got to enjoy the beach without having to wait in line. The Coffee Copter served them well without hassle. This is another step towards making delivery easy. Drone delivery is no longer a fantasy. Nor is it the future. It is the present. That’s how far we’ve come. Amazing isn’t it?

Customer Opinion

Customers were in awe of the innovation. People responded really well to this change. According to the Head of Marketing of Costa Coffee. A whopping eighty-two percent of customers reported preferring drone drop. They wanted to have drones deliver them beverages. For a multitude of reasons, of course, it is the best mode of transportation. Honestly, even I wanna try it out. It feels like a fairytale when a drone descends from heavens. Just to deliver things like beverages, food, etcetera. Infact, I’d like to have a drone assistant hovering around me twenty four seven. Now that’d be fun!

More About Drone Delivery

Aside from Costa Coffee in Dubai many others have been working on the idea. Such as Drone Delivery Canada. Even Walmart wanted to try it out in 2015. A successful display of experiment was carried out by Costa Coffee. Whether or not Costa Coffee intends to use this method permanently, is not confirmed yet. But it has been a great marketing scheme. Hopes are high that it will become a trend very soon. I wish it to be normalized like any other delivery method. Some of the pros and cons of this method are obvious. Firstly, a drone drop might not be a secure method for valuable items. Secondly, drones can be hunted down easily. So if a country doesn’t have a strong law enforcement system. Or for a country with a high crime rate, this might not be the thing. But for countries with lower crime rates, it can be the best delivery method. It saves human resources. There are lesser chances of error. It can feel like exclusive service for a customer. There are many benefits to this service.

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