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Top water sports in dubai

Top 6 Water Sports in Dubai – Water Adventures

Check out these top water sports in Dubai. Get ready to dive and splash in the waves of blue waters! Witness the beauty of marine life with your own eyes. Have a beautiful vacation with water soothing your senses. Quench your thirst for adventure. Soar high and have a great view of the ocean.

1. Surf the waves – Kitesurfing 

Top water sports in dubai

Kitesurfing in Dubai, being an exciting sport, gets addictive as soon as you get hold of the skill. You can’t stay away from the waves once you learn it. Kitesurfing is available at several points in Dubai. Arranged by numerous institutions. One of such spots is Nessnass Beach in Jumeirah, behind Sunset mall. It has a bay form.  This beach is suitable for all wind directions except for the offshore wind. This makes it the best Kitesurfing spot for all levels of surfers.

Yas Island Kite Beach, also known as Kite Beach Abu Dhabi,  offers Kitesurfing as well. It is on the other side of the street from Ferrari World, in Abu Dhabi at Yas Island. It has both, shallow and deepwater areas. Many schools, including Kite ‘N Surf teach Kitesurfing at this location. Another spot, Kite Beach Center, located in Umm Al Quwain,  is the first Kitesurfing center and school in Umm Al Quwain. It is also the first watersports concept in UAE. It gives straight access to water. This center also offers water sports other than Kitesurfing. Refreshments are available at this place too!

2. Windsurfing & Windsurfing lessons in Dubai

Top water sports in dubai

After kitesurfing, in Dubai windsurfing is the most popular form of surfing. In windsurfing, a flexible sail is mounted on the surfboard. This form of surfing surely requires more skill. The adventure is worth the challenge. That’s why lessons, as well as rental services for windsurfing, are available in Palm Jumeirah.

3. Zoom on a Jet Ski Sailing

Top water sports in dubai

Combine biking with water sports and you get Jet Ski Sailing. If you want adrenaline rush in Dubai Jetski is the best option! The places where you can find Jet Ski Sailing are Dubai Marina, Umm Suqeim 1 and 2, as well as Jumeirah 2 and 3 beaches. It is made sure there’s a 300-Meter Buffer between the swimmers and the machine.

4. Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Top water sports in dubai

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding is almost like standing on water and moving ahead. Or, like a magic flying carpet floating above the marine world. Paddle Boarding in Dubai is rather peaceful and scenic. For peaceful, calm loving people, it is one of the top watersports in Dubai. You get to see the beauty under the sea from above. While paddle boarding in Dubai,  a breathtaking view of the city from the sea captivates the eyes as well. The places where it can be done are,

  1. Sofitel in Palm Jumeirah.
  2. Atlantis Hotel.
  3. Jumeirah Fishing Harbour.
  4. Umm Sequin.

SeaYou even provides Stand-Up Paddle Yoga and Pilate! Now those would be the top water sports in Dubai!

5. Try your hand at kayaking 

Top water sports in dubai


Another one of the top watersports in Dubai for calm and nature loving people like us is Kayaking in Dubai. What’s better than canoeing in still water surrounded by beautiful views? There are a lot of places that offer Kayaking in Dubai. Such as Hatta Kayak, at Hatta Dam. It is surrounded by mountains. Each individual gets to have their own kayak. Another site for kayaking is Dubai Marina. SeaYou gives you kayak tours around Palm Jumeirah. It starts from Sofitel, the Palm. Goes past Atlantis, Burj Al Arab and you can even see Burj Al Khalifa.

Clear Kayak in Jumeirah is also a place for kayaking. This is where the water is clear as crystal!  This adds to the excitement. It means you can even spot fishes underneath. It is offered at Dubai Marine Resort & Spa. Other than that, Abu Dhabi is known for Mangrove forests. Eastern Mangroves in Abu Dhabi are a habitat for birds and marine life which adds to the beauty of the scene. Kayaking in Dubai is made exceptionally wondrous among the forests. Kayaking in Eastern Mangroves is offered by Sea Hawk Water Sports. If utopia had another name, it would be Eastern Mangroves. Kayaking in Dubai is so far, one of the top water sports for rejuvenation, meditation and aesthetic views.

6. Parasailing

Top water sports in dubai

Parasailing in Dubai gives you a heavenly view. The deep blue ocean and everything around looks amazing from above. Add to that the feeling of cool, moist air rushing past you as you soar high. For an adrenaline rush, it’s the best adventure to have. For a thrill, it is among the top water sports in Dubai. It’s often done on Jumeirah beach. Pack your bags and head out to enjoy top water sports in Dubai!

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