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global village dubai location

Get Ready For A Bumpy Ride! It’s Global Village Dubai

Do you get tired of first going to the shopping mall, then taking your children to amusement park so that they can also have some fun time and then finally going to a peaceful place for having dinner? What if you come to know about a place that has all these facilities? Will it be pleasing for you? If you are looking for any such place in Dubai, the Global Village Dubai is the solution to all your problems.

Enter into a world of excitement

for making your entry in this world full of fun and thrill you need the Global Village Tickets. So, get your tickets and let the fun begin. The Global Village tickets cost AED15 for general admissions. There are VIP packages also but they cost more obviously. You can also book your tickets online. So, what are you waiting for?

And the adventure begins

global village dubai

Now that you have got your ticket, the real adventure begins. There is too much to explore in the global village. The haunted house, the restaurants, shopping facilities and the Global village rides are worth mentioning. The thrilling rides will give you goosebumps. The FLY FRANCE, SHANG HIGH, GLOBAL BURJ, SKY COASTER and ABRA are a lifetime experience. Hurry up! The Global village rides await you.

Global village Dubai events

global village dubai events

A number of exciting events are held at the global village Dubai. These entertaining events won’t let anyone get bored. The Global village Dubai events include concerts, pavilion shows, monster stunt shows, Globo shows, street theatre, circus, firework displays and much more. So, gear up for a fun-filled evening with your friends and family members.

Time to eat

global village dubai restaurant

Craving for some food? The global village restaurant will satisfy all your cravings. There are cuisines from all over the world. Whether you want Lebanese food or Italian, Chinese or Thai, Pakistani or Mexican, all is available there. Bosnian house, Yuki no Hana, Al Haaj Bundoo Khan, Pizza Hut, Buns and Cones, Mac n Cheese, Churros, Chocolate Injection etc. are just a few of the restaurants and cafes serving food from all over the world.  The global village restaurants will make you want more every time.


Global Village timings

The global village opens at 4 p.m. and closes at 12 a.m. These are the timings from Saturday to Wednesday. However, on Thursday and Friday it remains open till 1 a.m. The Global village timings are quite suitable for the visitors. Aren’t they? So, give it a go.

Global village Dubai location

Now that you know that a visit to the global village will be a visit worth remembering and sharing with your friends, you want to go there as soon as possible. But wait! You do not know the Global village Dubai location! Don’t panic! I will tell you. The Global village is located at Exit 37, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road, Dubai, UAE. Have fun!

A must have – the Global village map

global village map

The global village is quite large and there are too many things going on and places to see. Its better to take the Global village map with you so that you don’t get lost. Keep a track of all the places with the help of the map. There are so many pavilions, the Iran pavilion, Kuwait pavilion, Khalifa foundation pavilion etc. and the map will guide you through them. Take your tour guide (the map) to help with your journey. Good luck!

Don’t wait more now. Book your tickets, grab a map and go! Lots of excitement awaits you.

Global village Location: 

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